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Humanities Division


Welcome to the MCC Humanities Division

Courses in the Humanities Division are among the most popular at Mott Community College. All areas of study require students to obtain certain skills that the Humanities Division offers. Many of the general education courses required by four-year colleges and universities may be acquired within the Humanities Division and are fully transferable.
Courses include:
  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Composition for Technical Fields
  • Literature
  • Speech Communication
  • Film
  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a Second Language
  • Philosophy
  • American Sign Language
  • Sign Language Interpreter Education
  • Reading and Developmental Writing to improve students' existing skills

Degrees, Certificates, and Alternative Training Programs of Study

Occupational Degrees

Associate in Applied Science

Transferable Degrees

Associate in Arts


ACLT-074 Integrated Reading and Writing I
ACLT-075 Integrated Reading and Writing
ARBC-111 Beginning Standard Arabic
ARBC-112 Beginning Standard Arabic II
ASL.-101 American Sign Language I
ASL.-102 American Sign Language II
ASL.-111 Deaf Community and Culture
CHI.-111 Chinese
CHI.-112 Chinese 112
COMM-131 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
COMM-140 Principles of Interpersonal Communication
COMM-200 Survey of Human Communication Studies
COMM-210 Persuasion
COMM-220 Intercultural Communication
COMM-231 Discussion Principles
COMM-233 Oral Interpretation
ENGL-099 Foundations of College Writing
ENGL-100 College Reading and Study Skills
ENGL-101 English Composition I
ENGL-102 English Composition II
ENGL-103 Composition for Technical Fields I
ENGL-104 Composition for Technical Fields II
ENGL-112 Reading for College Courses
ENGL-200 English Grammar
ENGL-205 Creative Writing
ENGL-210 Childrens Literature
ENGL-211 Introduction to Storytelling Literature
ENGL-212 Adolescent Literature
ENGL-220 World Literature
ENGL-221 Introduction to Literature
ENGL-222 Science Fiction
ENGL-223 American Black Literature
ENGL-225 Poetry
ENGL-227 Fiction
ENGL-231 American Literature
ENGL-232 Modern American Literature
ENGL-235 American Indian Literature
ENGL-240 Shakespeare
ENGL-242 English Literature II
ENGL-253 The Bible As Literature
ENGL-261 Readings in Popular Culture
ENGL-271 Film As Literature
FILM-181 Introduction to Film
FREN-151 Elementary French
FREN-152 Elementary French II
FREN-251 Intermediate French
FREN-252 Intermediate French II
GERM-111 Elementary German
GERM-112 Beginning German
GERM-211 Intermediate German I
GERM-212 Intermediate German II
JAPA-111 Beginning Japanese
JAPA-112 Beginning Japanese II
JAPA-211 Intermediate Japanese
JAPA-212 Intermediate Japanese II
PHIL-101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-103 Critical Thinking
PHIL-165 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-190 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-251 Religious Worldviews
PHIL-295 Ethics
PHIL-297 Political Philosophy
RDNG-016 Essential Reading Skills
RDNG-030 Strategic Reading II
RUSN-111 Beginning Russian
RUSN-112 Beginning Russian II
RUSN-185 Conversational Russian
RUSN-211 Intermediate Russian I
RUSN-212 Intermediate Russian II
SLIE-103 American Sign Language III
SLIE-104 Selected Features of ASL
SLIE-203 ASL Discourse
SLIE-204 American Sign Language IV
SLIE-205 American Sign Language V
SLIE-206 Intro to ASL Linguistics
SLIE-215 Professional Responsibility
SLIE-220 Processing Skills Development
SLIE-230 ASL to English I
SLIE-231 ASL to English II
SLIE-240 Interpreting and Transliterating I
SLIE-241 Interpreting and Transliterating II
SLIE-242 Advanced Skill Development Interpreting
SLIE-245 Intro to Deaf Blind Interpreting
SLIE-250 Educational Interpreting
SLIE-255 Interpreters Certification Prep.
SLIE-290 Practicum I
SLIE-291 Practicum II
SPAN-160 Intro to Spanish for Business
SPAN-181 Elementary Spanish
SPAN-182 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN-281 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN-282 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-295 Spanish for Business Communication
SPAN-298 Intro to Span/Amer Literature

Additional Information


Degree Pathways

Sign Language Interpreter Education

The program in interpreting prepares students for basic entry-level skills in sign language interpreting and transliterating. The American Sign Language courses prepare students to communicate effectively in ASL.


As a discipline, Communication focuses on how people use verbal and nonverbal messages to transmit meaning to other individuals.


As English majors, students develop a range rhetorical abilities and critical thinking and analytical skills that help them become successful in a wide range of career paths. Students gain an understanding of the relationship between power and language, insight into the history of language and literature, and a deeper appreciation of writing and reading.

Foreign Languages

Study Foreign Languages at MCC. MCC offers majors in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Other languages taught include Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.


In studying philosophy, we seek answers to fundamental questions such as: What is ultimately real? What is the nature and extent of our knowledge? What is truth? What is the source and nature of our moral obligations?



Compiled readings on Deaf Culture.

Foreign Languages Center

A wonderful location to get personal tutoring assistance, study in groups, practice pronunciation, or watch foreign news broadcasts. The languages we teach and support are Arabic, French, Japanese, German, Russian, and Spanish.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides one-on-one assistance to students, faculty and MCC staff with any writing project.

English Writing Awards

Each year the Humanities Division awards writing students across a variety of writing levels and styles.

All courses are designed to help our students succeed in their college studies at MCC, when they transfer to other colleges or universities, and in the workplace.

Humanities courses encourage students to expand their personal boundaries into the world around them by developing their skills in critical thinking, by helping them learn to express themselves in written and verbal forms, and to learn to communicate in languages other than English.

May 1, 2017
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